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Marketing Research Clients
From small niche businesses to large multinationals, the agencies we work with represent a wide range of companies both in terms of size and sector.

The common denominator is that they all need to conduct qualitative market research before embarking on a product launch or unveiling a new advertising campaign.

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Following a client brief, we recruit respondents from our database, selected for their suitability to make a valid contribution to the research required. These focus groups can be held anywhere in the UK, but usually in London or other major UK cities.

We use our own data validation software for rigorous checking to ensure genuine respondents and filter out serial attendees and false identities. Each respondent is screened to closely match client criteria and we confirm attendance by telephone 24 hours ahead. Where we are notified of non-attendance, we will try and replace wherever possible.

Increasingly with the globalisation of business, we are asked to arrange UK-based focus groups for international clients for whom the UK is an important test-bed of opinion.

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International clients

Companies located overseas can benefit from our local country knowledge and tap into our database of respondents without having to travel or try to orchestrate groups remotely.

Recently we recruited respondents for a series of focus groups for a major US advertising company, as well as liaising with viewing facilities and moderators – without anyone having to travel to the UK.

This global reach places us in a unique position to work in partnership with our international clients to meet their stringent criteria.

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